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Diocesan and Parish Volunteer Requirements

If you are interested in being a volunteer for our parish and it will involve working with children/minors or working in proximity of children/minors, then you will need to complete several requirements in order to be in compliance with our Diocesan (and hence our parish’s) policies for Safe Environments for Children (Virtus). A potential volunteer must be in compliance in all of these areas before they will be allowed to volunteer:

  1. Contact the Parish Office at (859) 431-1802 or [email protected] to set up a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator, currently Deacon Bob Stoeckle.  At this meeting, you will receive two forms — a Volunteer Application Form and a Policies and Procedures Form, which should be filled out and returned to the Parish Office.

  2. Go to www.virtus.org and click on Registration.  During the registration process, you can sign up for a Live Virtus Training Session, which is one of the requirements.

  3. After registering, go back into your account under the Toolbox tab, in the green column choose Selection.com. This will take you to their website where you will follow the instructions to complete a background check.  The cost for the background check is $25 and will cover you as long as you remain active in Virtus.

After you are “approved” by doing all of the above, you will be asked to read a monthly bulletin on the Virtus website.  The bulletins are posted on the first Sunday of each month.  You have 30 days to complete the bulletin.  If you go beyond 30 days, your Training tab will disappear, which means you are suspended and you cannot volunteer.  There are three “open” months a year (April, August and December) when all suspended accounts are un-suspended.  During the “open” months, you can get caught up on your unread bulletins.

Please note that the above is required for all volunteers who are responsible for children/minors, who are directly involved with children/minors, or who are placed within proximity of children/minors.  This includes, but is not limited to:  coaches, athletic program/tournament directors, pre-school religion program directors and volunteers, classroom volunteers, those who work with Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, etc. If you have any questions about whether you need to meet these requirements, please call the Parish Office at (859) 431-1802.

We are doing this:

  1. So that we can be informed as to how to protect children and provide a safe environment for them.

  2. So people involved in work with children/minors can grow in their awareness of professional expectations and conduct.
  3. So our volunteers can be as professional as possible and have a habit of good practices, so as to protect themselves.

  4. It is a Diocesan policy mandated by our Bishop.