5th Week of Easter

Date: Tue, 05/01/2018

Author: Rev. Msgr. Donald Enzweiler

The message in today’s gospel is “do not be afraid”.
Jesus encourages his disciples to be at peace.
He tries to prepare them for what lies ahead.  He senses their hearts will be troubled.
He assures them that what is about to happen to him will not be what is seems.  “Trust me.”
Jesus tries to show them that he himself is at peace with it all.
Jesus knows what they do not:  that he will be victorious over the ruler of this world.
His death will not be the end of his life.
Death will take him away but he will come back again through resurrection.
God the Father will raise him up to glory.

Implicit in the disciple’s thinking is “why does all this have to happen in the first place?”
Jesus explains “it is the Father’s will, it is the mystery of the Father’s plan.”
His love for the Father inspires Jesus to fulfill that will….to be obedient.
It is the Father’s will that Jesus should take up his cross…
that he should suffer at the hands of the wicked,
that he should die like a criminal….
So that the glory of God can be made manifest to the world.

“Do not be afraid”  Jesus says to his disciples.
“The ruler of this world, Satan, has no power over me.
All will seem lost but in the end You will see the glory of God shine forth.
And you will know the joy of new life.
And you will see the mighty power of God at work.
Sin will be defeated.  Death will be conquered.”

“Do not be afraid, but believe and be at peace.”
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take these words totally to heart
when it comes to our faith in Jesus Christ?
He rose from the dead.
He promises us a share in this divine victory.

I don’t know about you but I want the peace Jesus offered to his disciples…
a peace the world cannot give.  A peace that comes to us through our relationship with God.
It is the peace of God’s Salvation.
It is the peace that comes with the messianic triumph over the hostile powers of evil.
It is the peace brought about by the love of God within the depths of the human soul.
I pray to receive such peace in my heart.
I pray to live in the peace that comes with the Kingdom of God.
I pray that I can die in and with such peace.

Today’s prayer:  “O Lord, free us from our afflictions that we might know the peace won by the Salvation of Your Son Jesus Christ.  Give us that peace which lasts forever.  Amen!”