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With One Heart-Disciple Maker Index (DMI)

Now one of the largest research projects in the Catholic Church, with more than 500,000 responses, the DMI survey tool is changing the way Church leaders make decisions. It is an assessment of the spiritual health of a parish. The DMI measures, tracks and draws correlations that influence the spiritual development of a parish.

This 75-question survey provides pastors and parishes a picture of where they are today, allowing them to envision and create vibrant, faith-filled parishes for tomorrow.

Parishes and dioceses may utilize and retake the DMI on an ongoing basis to continuously provide opportunities to measure progress, to determine what is working, to identify areas that need further improvement, and to uncover new priorities to focus on.

Parishes in the Diocese of Covington will invited parishioners to complete a DMI during Lent 2023.

Click here to complete the survey.