Faith for Generations

In 2011, our parish conducted a capital campaign to finance over $3 million in improvements to our school building.  This campaign was called Faith for Generations.  Many of these improvements were made in 2013, including air conditioning, a more efficient heating system, electrical re-wiring of the entire building, new carpet throughout the building, new ceilings, new doors, new computer networking, both cable and WIFI stations, walk-in refrigerator freezer, and more.  There are other projects related to the school that have yet to be funded and performed. 

Our school is our parish’s largest ministry.  If you would like to help contribute to funding these other projects, please contact the Parish Office at (859) 431-1802 or [email protected]. We hope you will consider making a financial commitment to Faith for Generations, particularly if you have benefited from a Catholic education, or if you have children and/or grandchildren who may be attending our school.