Tithing Fund (We Are His Hands)

Tithing Fund (We Are His Hands):  Since 2003, the parish has dedicated a percentage of the offertory gifts for outreach (currently at 9%).  This percentage has been 10% since 2008.  Over this period, the parish has designated well over 1.2 million dollars for outreach in this manner.  Included in this outreach are:  tuition assistance for families to send their children to Saint Agnes School, the Christian Service Committee, Saint Vincent de Paul Chapter, Notre Dame Urban Education Center, Rose Garden Home Mission, Saint Augustine Parish City Heights Mission and more.  Specific projects that received funding through this tithing fund include:  $100,000 to Covington Catholic High School to help build their new academic center, $100,000 to Notre Dame Academy to help with new construction, $50,000 toward the Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel at Thomas More College, the Sisters of Notre Dame Uganda Mission, Mary Rose Mission, and others.